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No, due to hygiene reasons we currrently do not accept refunds apart from on faulty items on our jewellery.  For further details please read through our Terms & Conditions.

Do you accept refunds?




















Yes we can offer custom design for example if you wanted any a hand painted piece in a different colour this may be possible for a small fee. For a quote please email us at info@tezladesigns.com for more information. Please write a full description of exactly what you want as we do not offer refunds on custom pieces.








As we use raw brass as a main part of our products they unfortunately will tarnishing over time. We recommend to all of our customers to keep all of our jewellery,  for long periods of time, out of;  direct sunlight, liquids, and mixed with other metals. We do like to remind our customers that brass naturally tarnishes and will not be able to return do to this as its not a fault with the item.  We reccommend that you should polish your jewellery pieces with a brass clearner such as Brasso to keep it shiney and remove any tarnishing.

I would like to write a blog about your Company / may I use images or information from this site?

If you would like to blog about us or use any images please could email us at info@tezladesigns.com with the link to your blog and a list of which photos you wish to use so we can give you correct photographer/models names to credit. We would love to see what you've wrote about us and we in return can promote your blog be using our website, facebook page, and on our mail outs. If you wish to ask us any questions or looking for quotes for an article please feel free to ask us by email we are more than happy to answer.


We however do have some rules regarding blogs and other media; Images are not to be altered and used to promote as something different and all company information must be correct.

Do you take custom orders?

How do I stop my jewellery from tarnishing?

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